Viral Deceit is a pre-dystopian novella that warns of the dangers of an intentional virus release. It is purposely brief and can be read in about 30 to 45 minutes.

Stefan Köbi spins a subtly horrifying tale of maniacal leaders, brilliant scientists and entangled family. Trepidation lies in the realization that what is presented as fiction is likely underway. The message rings true: this research must be taken more seriously.

Five Star Rating on Goodreads: “Viral Deceit is a very well-written quick read. Riveting and somewhat terrifying. Excellent. Anyone concerned with possible reasons behind pandemics needs to read this book.”

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From an experienced scientist
comes a timely warning

Bioweapons are the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. Consider the possibility that a low-lethality virus, such as SARS-CoV-2, might be released on purpose as cover for something far more dangerous. That is the terrifying scenario of this brief novella. — Stefan

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About the Author

Writer, pilot, dog lover and experienced physicist, Stefan Köbi writes about scientific matters of import.

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